Theme and inspiration

AFC 2024’s theme is Leading Wellness through Lifestyle Transformation.

The fitness industry is evolving in line with the changing lives of clients: many clients are now concerned about health and wellness in addition to fitness and appearance.

Wellness means practicing healthy habits to achieve physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, clients are thriving.

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness and social connections all have important impacts on physical and mental health. Learning more about these areas will allow you to better help your clients change their lifestyle and achieve optimal wellness – in addition to improving their strength and power, cardio, SAQ, balance and flexibility.

As up-to-date fitness professionals, we must change with the times and be sure that we are equipped to help our clients reach all of their fitness, health and wellness needs.

Attending AFC 2024 will allow you to update and upgrade your skills to cope with our changing world.

Join us and become a leader in the future of fitness!