AFC 2024 presenter applications process is open from the 1 st of December through to
the 31 st of December 2023.

Late submissions will not be accepted, and only online submissions will be considered or accepted.

What We Are Looking For

At AFC, we are committed to excellence in training and education, and to networking and community building for professionals who are passionate and committed to supporting better health, fitness, wellness and performance in the Asian region for all population groups.


Our goals are threefold:

  1. To promote collaboration amongst fitness professionals and their support groups – colleagues, suppliers, affiliated healthcare providers and more.
  2. To promote a collaborative approach to training, emphasizing a client-centric coaching approach rather than the more traditional directive approach often used in the industry.
  3. We seek to build a sense of community and sharing for the purpose of achieving our common client goals of optimal function, health, fitness, wellness and performance.

AFC’S ultimate goal is to promote a culture of fellowship so as to enable the creation of shared solutions to achieve optimal client wellness as well as to help clients prevent and recover from disease and injury.

Who We Want to Hear From:

We are happy to welcome first-time presenters at AFC and returning AFC presenters.

We welcome applications from individuals who wish to offer education to benefit fitness professionals working with the general population, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. We invite to you submit your application with topics consistent with our 2024 theme stated above

Please note that we have three distinct categories:

  • Workout – this is a session that is active, with instruction and some education. Delegates expect to be moving for most of the session.
  • Workshop – this is a session whereby theory is incorporated into explaining, showing, and doing. Following with analyzing the why, benefits etc.
  • Lecture.

Preferred topics include those that:

  • Include practical takeaways in both movement and theory, especially as our delegate base is multi-cultural, and international.
  • Address the changing needs and desires of health, fitness, wellness and sports professionals in Asia. Incorporating the theme for AFC 2024.
  • Foster a sense of critical and creative thinking through multiple perspectives, supported by evidence-based science.
  • Enhance levels of knowledge, skills, and abilities that encourage a forward-thinking mindset built upon emerging trends and research.
  • Provide scientific rationale to support presentations with practical applications and takeaways highly cherished by professionals in this region.
  • Be interactive, incorporating theory in workshops and workouts,

For returning presenters, please click HERE to access, complete and submit your application.

For presenters who have not yet presented at AFC, please click HERE to access, complete and submit your application.