401 – Fascial Lines Training with Peter Twist

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Did you know that your fascia communicates with your muscles and brain, sharing data at an astounding 700mph? Learn the key roles fascia tissue play that help you be stronger on your feet, more stable, mobile, and skilled during 3D movement.  The fascial lines connect multiple muscle groups together to express different movement patterns than what you learn in muscle anatomy. This is because nothing in the body actually happens in isolation, by itself. The muscle-fascia-neural-brain movement relationship is designed to always work together.  

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study under Coach Peter Twist directly and receive instruction on proper execution of Fascial Lines exercises. You will learn how fascial lines are oriented in the body and their primary roles and functions. Most of the day will be spent learning-by-doing to practice utilizing unique training methods that increase exercise intensity, biomechanical skill and strength adaptations of muscle and fascia tissue.  There is no better way to build a strong human vehicle, regain a solid body armour and improve how our brain is wired to move well.  As a bonus, you’ll be mentored with lessons on the art of positive coaching! 


Early Bird Rate:  7,200 THBRegular Rate:  8,200 THB

Price includes: manual and workbook, Certificate of completion.

402 – Steel Mace Specialty Qualification with JJ Sweeney

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Do you want to learn a fun new training system that your clients will love? Would you like to know how to create exciting full body workouts that get the heart pumping without doing cardio? How about becoming a recognized Steel Mace Coach? Join this full day class and discover a huge variety of fun, new movements that will keep your clients excited and coming back for more. Learn new skills that will set you apart from your peers and make you the go-to fitness professional in your area. Become a Master of Steel Mace training and become an expert in one of our industry’s newest and hottest programs!

Learning Objective 1:Becoming a Qualified Steel Mace Coach will help you introduce this great training tool to people that wish to learn how to leverage this incredible tool to do full body workouts, build rotational power, increase shoulder strength and mobility, and boost cardiovascular endurance.
Learning Objective 2:If you are new to training with the Steel Mace and are serious about learning proper technique from the ground up, this is the best place to start with our high-level Steel Mace Coaches.
Learning Objective 3:You will learn fundamental techniques, exercises, and workouts that strengthen the mind-body connection while avoiding injury. You will also learn critical movement skills for everyday activities such as squats, lunges, hinge, push, pull, rotate, and more. Plus, the 360 and the 10 to 2.

Early Bird Rate:  9,000 THB Regular Rate: 9,800 THB

Price includes one Steel Mace, Certificate of completion, training materials.

403 – Rockit Movement- Basics of Bodyweight Training with Yury Rockit

9:00 AM – 2:00 PM  

The moment we recognize our physicality as a tool and pathway for mindfulness and our own Aliveness we are brought to a discovery that illuminates all other areas of life with an abundance of energy and vital force, physio-emotional awareness, and radical bodily self-acceptance.  In this in-depth course, learn in a systematic, gradual and safe way how to rock our sense of vitality through body-weight movements such as handstands, pistol squats, sissy squats, dragon squats and more. You will gain a mindful focus on results from fine-tuning and refining your skills.  

Learning Objective 1:Basics of Bodyweight training including basics of handstands — inversions, pistol squats, “Sissy” squats, dragon squat, Nordic curl & other lesser-known movements that include and perfect a combination of mobility, stability & flexibility.
Learning Objective 2:Learning how to systematically progress in handstand & other calisthenic movements. 
Learning Objective 3:Shifting your training perspective from result-oriented to skill acquisition training.


Early Bird Rate: 3,200 THB Regular Rate: 4,200 THB

Price includes:  Certificate, Manual

404 – Strength Training for Fat Loss with Nick Tumminello

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Learn how to train for fat loss the right way! Everything you need to know to optimize your workouts to give the best of both worlds – building strength and muscle along with increasing the metabolic effect of training to burn more fat at the same time.

This Practical Course Includes:

  • A complete training system to burn fat rapidly
  • Workout templates for Private and Group Training
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Programs
  • At-Home Workout strategies for maximal fat loss with minimal equipment
  • Realistic Nutrition program 

You’ll Discover

  • How to maximize fat loss through resistance training
  • The best sets, reps and rest for fat loss
  • The 5 most important components of fat loss
  • 5 Fat Loss strategies that aren’t stupid
  • 8 Rules of fat loss training
  • Metabolic training mistakes even experienced trainers make
  • And, plenty of practical training and diet tips to help you lose the fat and keep the muscle.

Whether you’re a beginner trainer looking for a step-by-step guide to fat loss programming or a seasoned fitness professional looking for new ideas, Strength Training for Fat Loss is the safe, science-based program that produces fast results.

CEC’s : ACE 1.6, NASM 1.6

Early Bird Rate: 9,000 THBRegular Rate:  10,800 THB

Price includes : Certificate, pdf slides, access to video database of exercises

405 – Functional Aging Specialist Certification with Cody Sipe

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Functional Aging Specialist Certification is the premier credential for fitness professionals training older clients.  Through evidence-based lectures, practical demonstrations, group experiences and case studies, you will learn how to train older adults of all ages and ability levels safely and effectively to maximize their functional fitness.  Through the 8 levels of the Hierarchy of Functional Aging and the Six Domains of Function you will walk away being able to create exercise programs for virtually any older client.  Several sample programs are included.  You will also have access to the complete online certification course with over 16 hours of content.

Learning Objective 1:Discuss key issues, processes and concepts that are essential to training older clients safely and effectively including the Physiology of Functional Aging; the Hierarchy of Functional Aging; the Trajectory of Functional Aging; and the Six Domains of Function.
Learning Objective 2:Accurately assess the health conditions and functional abilities of older clients using evidence-based assessments (e.g. balance, strength, agility, endurance) to determine which factors need to be prioritized in an exercise program to maximize effectiveness and which precautions need to be taken to maximize safety.
Learning Objective 3:Create safe and effective individual and small group exercise programs for older adults from frail to fit and healthy to unhealthy that maximize the client’s functional abilities in all six domains of function (cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and power, balance, mobility, cognition, and neuromuscular).


Early Bird Rate: 10,800 THBRegular Rate: 12,800 THB

Price includes:  Certificate, manual, online exam, online course 

406 – Isometric Training for Runners with Ranell Hobson

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sprint-specific isometric strength training scores high on the specificity scale for speedsters. During both steady state and maximum velocity running, the muscles of the lower limb perform isometrically. Between touchdown and mid stance when the ‘spring’ system is loading and unloading the athlete’s mass, it is the tendons that lengthen and shorten to create elastic energy for flight. In this course the theory and practice of Isometric Training for runners will be presented.  This course is designed for all trainers and coaches working with runners of all levels.

Learning Objective 1:Students will learn the four categories of isometric exercises for runners and be able to differentiate their use based on physiological adaptations.
Learning Objective 2:Students will be able to demonstrate, cue and coach running specific isometric exercises for the hip, knee and ankle to athletes and clients.
Learning Objective 3:Students will be able to insert exercises into periodised running strength programs based on phase of development, using appropriate reps, sets, tempo and duration.


Early Bird Rate:5,800 THBRegular Rate: 6,300 THB

Price Includes: Certificate, Manual, Online Exam

407 – Science to Gym Floor Essentials with Martin Refalo and Samuel Schepis

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The JPS Health and Fitness Essentials is a one-day course aimed at fitness enthusiasts who are ready to take their knowledge one step further. This course is jam packed with up-to-date information that will provide you with an essential understanding of relevant concepts in physiology, body composition, strength, performance, and nutrition. Our Essentials course is designed for anyone with a willingness to learn, and whether you are a coach or fitness enthusiast, our main objective is to expand your knowledge base, help you conceptualise information, and equip you with the tools you need to apply knowledge in the real-world. The information presented in our Essentials course will also provide you with a taste of what to expect in our Level 1 course.

Unit 1: Introduction to Human Function
This unit examines the key concepts and governing principles of human physiology and their importance in the context of real-world outcomes. You will learn the basics of cellular metabolism and energy production to form an understanding of the vital processes that take place within us when we eat food.

Unit 2: Body Composition Basics
This unit is designed to provide you with an understanding of what constitutes the composition of the human body, in aim of building a foundation for practical training and nutrition strategies that increase muscle mass and/or decrease fat mass.

Unit 3: Strength & Performance
This unit introduces concepts in exercise physiology to help you develop an understanding of the fundamental processes that underlie the practical improvements in strength and performance that we witness on the gym floor. Students should expect to learn basic exercise physiology and its application to exercise prescription.

Unit 4: Nutrition Fundamentals
In this unit, you will learn about the importance of adequate nutrition and its influence on body composition, strength, and performance. Students will gain knowledge in energy balance, calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, and many additional aspects of nutrition that are considered fundamental.

Practical Unit 1: This practical will involve exercise technique demonstrations.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the basic science behind muscle growth, strength, and fat loss to set a foundation for practical training and nutrition.

2. Learn how training and nutrition principles can inform practical program design.

3. Learn the basics of training and nutrition planning to achieve desired outcomes.

CECS: tba

Early Bird Rate:5,400 THBRegular Rate: 7,200 THB

Price Includes: Certificate, Manual