We invite you all to come join the exciting AFC 2024 STAR POWER Dance Competition to be held in Bangkok, Thailand!

Come celebrate dance through this competition on Friday, October 18th, from 10:45 AM to 11:15 PM. The aim of this competition is to bring together in a celebration of shared love and respect for dance, music and performance.

The event this year will have an Individual category for singles or duets and a Group catagory of 3 or more dancers).
All styles are welcome (urban, traditional,) and dance fitness.
All performers must provide their own music.
Performances are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes. Anything going over that time limit will be penalized points off the final score.
Provide the audience with a positive image of dance and dance fitness
Create a good atmosphere that provides encouragement for fellow competitors

The judging panel will include Tony Stone as the head judge who is a world-renowned dance choreographer and performer along with 4 other very qualified and renowned dancers and choreographers: Erick Limans, Sylvia Gottling, Anastassia Alexandridi and Nattap. The judging panel this year will also include:ong Champachan.

Please note that crowd appeal will also play a role in this competition. The AFC Star Power Dance Competition wants to showcase performance, showmanship and more technical aspects of any given style. We highly encourage expression, personality and character to enhance performance and appeal.


The winners of the Individual and Group categories will receive a trophy, cash and other prizes as well as performing the winning performance on stage at the prestigious AFC 2023+ Saturday Night Party.

In addition this year we’ve got something new, exciting and special. The winner and placers of the Individual category will also win the following:

1st Place – Will perform with an AFC 2025 dance presenter. ?
2nd Place – Will assist an AFC 2024 dance session performance.?
3rd Place – Will be able to attend AFC 2024 dance sessions. ?


Please click here to download and complete the form

Competitors will be advised by email as to the result of their application and of their assigned slot to perform on Friday, October 18th.