AFC 2024 Personal Trainer of the Year Award

The AFC Personal Trainer of the Year Award recognizes the Personal Trainer who embodies the traits of an excellent role model for personal trainers in Asia. We are seeking someone with a professional demeanor, who delivers quality training practices to a variety of clients, who offers community service and who contributes positively to the growth and development of the industry. Many great prizes will be given to the winner along with the beautiful trophy.

You may apply for yourself if you are eligible based on the criteria below.


Candidates to AFC 2024 Personal Trainer of the Year Award must:

Have been in the industry for at least 2 years
Spend at least 15 hours per week training clients 1-on-1 or in small groups
Have demonstrated exceptional leadership, motivational and instructional skills
Have empowered and inspired your clients to greater personal growth and higher level of function, health, fitness, wellness or performance
Be a registered AFC 2024 delegate.

Please click here to complete the application.


You will be asked to complete the following information on the application form:

ㆍPlease indicate which part of the world you live and work in

ㆍ Please attach a headshot

ㆍ Please answer the following questions:

Provide 3 principles (values or beliefs) that guide your training. (100 words or less)

How long have you been training clients, either one-on-one or in a group?

Why do you believe you are a worthy recipient of this award e.g. how do you positively impact your clients and/or the fitness industry as a whole?

How have you contributed to promoting the fitness industry (includes programming, services, education) as a whole or the professional credibility of the fitness/personal training industry.

How have you participated in community events and outreach programs (e.g. fundraising, awareness campaigns, published articles, interviews, lectures/ demonstrations to the public, etc.)?

How have you helped make the fitness industry more welcoming and inclusive to all?

What certifications and or degrees do you currently hold?

Please note that if you make it as a finalist, you must be able to substantiate all the statements made here and provide much more thorough answers in a timely fashion.